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Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport LT

Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport LT

SUV & LT | Maximum All-Terrain
50,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

A premium all-terrain tire offering outstanding on-road and off-road performance, traction, comfort, and a quiet ride. The Wild Country XTX Sport LT carries the USTMA Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol (3PMSF), proving its superior traction.

  • Superior all-terrain performance
  • Deep, aggressive tread for exceptional traction
  • Variable tread element positioning for a quieter, smoother ride
  • Wrap-around shoulder elements for improved traction on soft surfaces
  • Carries USTMA 3PMSF symbol for superior winter traction
  • 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (R and S rated)
Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX4S

Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX4S

SUV | Maximum All-Terrain
50,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

An exceptional value for drivers seeking an optimum blend of on- and off-road capabilities, the Wild Country XTX Sport 4S all-terrain tire offers year-round, all-surface traction and durability, comfortable ride, and premium visual appeal. Features USTMA Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol (3PMSF) for superior performance in winter conditions and an extended mileage warranty for all tire sizes.

  • Superior all-terrain performance
  • Deep tread lateral slots and notched elements provide exceptional traction
  • Quieter, smoother ride
  • USTMA 3PMSF symbol for superior winter traction
  • 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (T rated)
Multi-Mile Wild Country HRT

Multi-Mile Wild Country HRT

SUV & LT | All-Season Highway
65,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

The Wild Country HRT premium highway tire offers all-season performance capability, responsive handling, and superior ride quality to optimize the vehicle’s performance in any condition.

  • Superior all-season handling and traction
  • Closed shoulder minimizes noise for quieter, more comfortable ride
  • Optimized 5-rib tread for even wear and extended mileage capability
  • Full-depth siping for extended traction performance and enhanced worn appearance
  • Replacement first 50% of treadwear for workmanship and materials
  • 2-year Roadside Assistance coverage
  • Free 30-day test drive
  • 65,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (T, H, V, R, S rated)
Multi-Mile Trail Guide AT

Multi-Mile Trail Guide AT 

SUV & LT | All-Terrain
50,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

Delivering all-weather superior traction for SUVs, pickups, and vans — on and off the road — the Trail Guide All Terrain tire provides exceptional handling and a comfortable ride, making it the perfect choice to tackle the harshest weather elements.

  • Certified USTMA 3PMSF for severe snow performance
  • Open shoulder tread expels water, snow, slush and mud for optimum traction in all terrain conditions
  • Solid center rib provides superior ride comfort and control
  • Extra deep tread sipes at varying angles improve comfort without sacrificing traction
  • Jagged edge tread blocks improve grip on ice and in mud providing superior traction
  • 50,000-mile/80,000-km. limited treadwear warranty
Multi-Mile Trail Guide HLT

Multi-Mile Trail Guide HLT

SUV & LT | All-Season Highway
50,000-Mile Warranty

An excellent highway all-season tire engineered for the SUV and LT driver, the Trail Guide HLT tire offers a quiet and stable ride and features a specially formulated compound to provide long-lasting tread life and traction in all-season conditions.

  • Tread pattern reduces noise for quiet driving
  • Large tread blocks increase contact area, improving handling and tread wear
  • Extra-wide grooves channel water for improved traction
  • Environmentally friendly processes and materials for improved wear and tire life
  • 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (T, H, V, R, S rated)
Multi-Mile Matrix Tour RS

Multi-Mile Matrix Tour RS

Passenger | All-Season Touring
Up To 60,000-Mile Warranty

Designed for today’s sedans, coupes, compact cars, and minivans, the Matric Tour RS is a great tire value offering superior quality and technology-driven tread design for exceptional ride comfort, all-weather traction, and superior handling.

  • Superior all-weather performance
  • Engineered for even wear and long tread life
  • Long-lasting wet and snow traction
  • Multi-element blading improves handling and steering response
  • 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (T rated)
  • 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (H & V rated)
  • 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (W rated)



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