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Hankook Dynapro AT-m (RF10)

Hankook Dynapro AT-m (RF10)

50,000-Mile Treadwear Warranty for P-Metric sizes

For aggressive all-terrain driving: The best on/off-road tire for 4×4 vehicles, the Dynapro AT-m employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.
Rugged puncture resistance: Wraparound tread gives tire a rugged look and guards against cuts, bruises and impact breaks. Affords outstanding traction especially in muddy or snowy conditions.
Reinforced under-tread gauge: Helps to prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when off the road.
Thick sidewall rubber gauge: Helps to minimize damage from off-road impact.
Reinforced carcass and rubber gauge: Improved or improves hill climbing and steering stability both on and off the road.
Jointless bead wire: Prevents bead separation when driving off-road on low air pressure.

Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12)

Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12)

70,000-Mile Treadwear Warranty for P-Metric sizes
40,000-Mile Treadwear Warranty for LT-Metric sizes

The Premium Highway All-Season Dynapro HT provides drivers of Light Trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles improved snow traction, low rolling resistance and longer treadwear. A high stiffness center block offers enhanced steering response while a wide, computer generated tread enables better mileage, less noise and excellent grip.
Combining all-season functionality with performance for highway driving A sport truck and SUV tire that provides a smooth, powerful ride, the Dynapro HT provides greater mileage through specialized treadwear. Excellent snow traction makes driving possible on winter roads while low-rolling resistance offers excellent fuel economy.
Unique highway all-season purpose optimized cap tread: LPAH(low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) environment-friendly compound. Optimized compound provides long mileage, braking performance and prevents chips, cuts and abrasions.
Reinforced under-tread protective layer: Helps prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when driving.
High-tensile strength sidewall rubber: Helps to minimize damage from impacts.
Nylon joint-less reinforced belts: Increases belt durability.
High-strength steel belts: Improves steering stability and durability.
Reinforced carcass and rubber gauge: Improves hill climbing and steering stability.
Jointless bead wire: Helps prevent bead separation.



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