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Did your vehicle fail its emissions test? Is it noticeably louder or rattling? Let the experienced and qualified team of ASE-certified technicians at Jensen Tire & Auto get you back on the road in no time. At Jensen Tire & Auto, we offer expert muffler repair and exhaust service at the most competitive prices in Omaha, and in Lincoln, Council Bluffs, and surrounding areas.

What the Exhaust System does: An exhaust system not only reduces engine noise, it also keeps harmful fumes away from your vehicle. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, which could escape from an unsecured exhaust system. For your protection, as well as the protection of your family, it is important to have your exhaust system examined on a regular basis. Properly functioning exhaust systems not only sound better, but they are also better for you, your vehicle, and the environment.

Why muffler repair and exhaust service are necessary: Pinpointing signs of corrosion, wear, and damage can prevent splits and punctures in your exhaust system. Many states and counties require an emissions test — available at all 21 Jensen Tire & Auto store locations — in order to register a vehicle, and having an emissions service done before your test can save time and money.

If you experience an abnormally loud noise coming from your vehicle, it’s important to get your exhaust system examined right away. It’s also important to have your vehicle exhaust system inspected annually.

Jensen Tire & Auto delivers high-quality exhaust and muffler service and repair, plus a full line of exhaust service options, including high-efficiency mufflers to substitute systems. Schedule an appointment for a muffler and exhaust check, today, at Jensen Tire & Auto — and avoid problems while extending the life of your vehicle.

When to get your vehicle muffler checked:

  • Loud thumps, growls, or bangs
  • Signs of rust
  • Vibration or shaking of muffler when idling
  • Muffler hanging lower than expected

A Jensen Tire & Auto exhaust system assessment includes:

  • Check mounts are safe and secure
  • Examine exhaust pipelines for fractures
  • Check catalytic converter (redirects dangerous emissions)
  • Inspect air sensors
  • Examine exhaust manifolds and gaskets for wear
  • Examine muffler for rust and wear

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