The drivetrain turns your axles, and your axle turns your wheels. Drivetrains need to be checked at the first sign of an issue. Jensen Tire & Auto ASE-certified technicians can inspect and repair all components of your drivetrain, drive shaft and axle.

What the drivetrain components do: The drivetrain of your vehicle takes the power created by the engine and transfers this energy to turn the tires. Drivetrain wear and tear takes place over time, and to prevent further damage, any and all drivetrain worries should be inspected by a Jensen Tire & Auto technician as soon as possible.

Drivetrain Repair & Maintenance Service

Vibration while driving might be a result of drivetrain vibration or the interruption in the operating positions of your drivetrain. However, it could also imply problems with an out-of-balance or under-inflated tire. At the first sign of an issue or vibrations, have your tires and drivetrains checked out by a Jensen tire & Auto qualified professional.

Always have your tires and drivetrains evaluated if you observe the following issues:

  • Transforming problems especially when making tight turns, U-turns, or auto parking
  • A low squeaking sound that intensifies with deceleration
  • Vibrations that increase with speed or take place when the car is moving at all or idling

Below are some pointers for maintaining your drivetrain:

  • Watch and keep the correct level of engine liquids
  • Avoid harsh use of your drivetrain such as hauling too heavy of a load
  • Ask a professional to inspect your CV and universal joints for lack of lube or extreme movement
  • Have us test drive your vehicle to inspect for any type of sounds or vibration happening throughout acceleration that might indicate a joint issue
  • We may also carry out tire checks, tire balancing, and tire rotation to ensure the best driving experience

Contact Jensen Tire & Auto today to schedule an appointment for drivetrain repair or maintenance service.

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Auto Repair FAQ

What service warranties do you offer?

We at Jensen Tire & Auto are proud to offer one of the best service warranties in the industry. Our minimum warranty for any auto repair is 90 days or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first. Visit our warranties page for more information.

Should I use synthetic oil?

Some manufacturers recommend using synthetic oil in their vehicles. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to determine if is recommended for your vehicle before getting your oil changed.

Why change transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid is an internal lubricant just like engine motor oil. During certain driving conditions and mileage intervals, transmission fluid, because of wear and age, can break down and become contaminated. This may result in costly transmission repairs and possibly the need for replacement. As a general rule the transmission fluid and, in some instances, the transmission filter should be replaced at 25,000-mile intervals. You should always consult your vehicle's Owner's Manual for recommended service intervals before scheduling any transmission services.

When should my belts be changed?

You should begin checking your vehicle's belts at 20,000 miles. Things to look for include cracks, splits, glazing, peeling, greasy buildup, and splitting or missing sections. It you notice any of these conditions you should arrange to have all of your vehicle's belts simultaneously changed out. If a serpentine belt breaks, many other components including your vehicle's alternator, water pump, power steering, etc., will not function, resulting in further damage and costly auto repairs.