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Jensen Tire & Auto provides preventive maintenance and repair including replacing your vehicle’s belts and hoses. The hoses under the hood of your vehicle are like vital arteries — responsible for carrying life-sustaining fluids to the places that need it most. Your vehicle also has belts with various functions such as timing belts, chains, and serpentine belts. If your belts and hoses are not properly maintained, the threat of a breakdown increases.

Belts degrade over time and can crack, swell, or burst. Hoses can glaze and split after years of use or when exposed to severe temperatures. A faulty hose can cause fluids to leak from your engine and may cause damage to engine components. To avoid breakdowns, be sure to have the ASE-certified technicians at Jensen Tire & Auto inspect your belts and hoses to identify any warning signs or concerns.

Most manufacturers recommend having belts and hoses checked every 3,000 miles or with every oil change.


Schedule an appointment at Jensen tire & Auto if you notice any issues:

  • Reduction of power
  • Screeching or grinding sound
  • Vibrations, ‘slides’ or ‘catching’
  • Leaks
  • Vehicle overheating

At Jensen Tire & Auto, we inspect for:

  • Glazing, fracturing, peeling off, and softening of belts
  • Proper tensioning
  • Appropriate drive pulley alignment
  • Leakages and splits
  • Hardening, cracking, and softening of hose pipes
  • Cooling system pressure examination, for leaks
  • Loose or worn clamps

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